Price List

Price List

  • 16 inch £5.80
  • 18 inch £6.80
  • 20 inch £7.80
  • 22 inch £8.80
  • 24 inch £9.80

The average head starts from around 140 extensions depending on the thickness and style.

Prior to your appointment you will be asked to come in for a free consultation. During the consultation you will discuss the desired outcome with one of our specialists, and your hair type will be assessed. This ensures that when you arrive for your appointment the hair being used will have been prepared and matched to yours perfectly both in colour and in texture.

The duration of your appointment will vary depending on the number of extensions needed, however, your comfort will be ensured, and complimentary tea and coffee will be provided. You will also be told how to best care for your extensions. Once the extensions are in, your hair will be styled so that you will leave the salon looking ready for the red carpet.

For more information about bookings outside of London or the UK please send a message with your details via the 'Contact Us' page and a member of the team will get back to you as soon.

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